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What is an escape room?

Diversion Escape Rooms is a unique real life adventure using riddles, clues and hints to solve puzzles. Our escape rooms are designed for players of all kinds: brave, curious and eager to learn something new. With our differently themed rooms, there’s truly something for everyone. The objective is simple: escape under 60 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?

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The Aftermath

You have attended Santa's Toy Inspection Department's Annual Elf Christmas Party. You work hard all year in the department and look forward to this celebration every year. Holiday games, secret Santa gift exchange, music and candy made it into the mix this year. A fun time was had by all! One might say, even a bit too much fun. The party is over. But the aftermath left in the Inspection Department will surely get you all on the Naughty List! Get the department back into order before Mrs. Clause discovers it or you'll get a lump of coal in your stocking!



Hard up for cash, you answer a quick cash ad in the newspaper. You give your sample and get your $50. It has been a couple weeks ago as you begin to learn that the DNA research facility you visited might be run by wayward physician. What could he possibly want with your sample, if not for research? Get in the lab and get your sample back before there is another 'you' in the making.


Gold Rush Cabin

Old Bill, the town's notoriously crazy prospector, has squirreled away a bunch of gold in his old cabin. If y'all want to explore it to see if you can find that gold, go ahead but we ain't going in there. The way townsfolk tell it, old Bill always booby-traps the cabin when he's gone. Can you find the gold before the crazy old coot returns or will you be stuck inside awaiting your fate at the hands of old Bill?