What is an escape room?

Diversion Escape Rooms is a unique real life adventure using riddles, clues and hints to solve puzzles. Our escape rooms are designed for players of all kinds: brave, curious and eager to learn something new. With our differently themed rooms, there’s truly something for everyone. The objective is simple: escape under 60 minutes. Are you up for the challenge?

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Date Night Disaster

It is your long-awaited date night. You go to the opera but mistakenly sit in the ambassador's box. During intermission, you are abducted by several large men in fancy suits, sharp ties and dark shades. They pull you into a town car and cover your mouth and nose! You wake up...handcuffed to your date. You are in serious trouble. You must find the key to the handcuffs before your abductors return in 60 minutes.



Hard up for cash, you answer a quick cash ad in the newspaper. You give your sample and get your $50. It has been a couple weeks ago as you begin to learn that the DNA research facility you visited might be run by wayward physician. What could he possibly want with your sample, if not for research? Get in the lab and get your sample back before there is another 'you' in the making.


Never Say Die

You and your crew have embarked on a journey to retrieve the treasure of the infamous pirate One Eyed Willie. The most recent account of One Eyed Willie is that he ship wrecked on the deserted island where he once hid the treasure. Your crew has information that has led you to the island where ol' One Eye hid the treasure and has likely perished. Willie's old crew also got word about the location of the treasure. As you see in the horizon, they are right upon you. Your crew must work quickly to get the booty and escape the island before you are forced to fight for your life!


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