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Lack of ELF Control
Chaos at Christmas

Not your typical escape game...

this is THEIR game!

Theme: Christmas

Objective: Find as many elves as you can

Storyline: A small band of Christmas elves have arrived for the holidays and invite you to join in on their fun. How about a simple game of hide-and-seek?

They're crafty. They're clever. And they're hiding!

Can you solve their puzzles and find them all before time runs out?

Players: 2-6 

Time Limit: 45-60 minutes

Rating: PG*

Parental guidance suggested. Contains mild adult humor/content. At least one adult must be present for the duration of the game.

Pricing: $30 per player

Additional information: 

Casual attire is recommended. Some elements in the game are made with glitter and other substances that may transfer to skin/clothing.

*Unofficial rating. Based on gameplay, difficulty level, and content.

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