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Our NEW series of escape games

We are bringing the thrill of escape rooms right to your doorstep! Enjoy the excitement of adventure, the camaraderie of teamwork, and the taste of victory  in the privacy of your home or business! This is a GREAT choice for birthday parties, team building activities, leadership groups, and church events. Call today for more information and availability!

*Terms and conditions apply.  Mobile games are restricted to within a 30-mile radius of Diversion Escape Rooms, located at 930 W 15th St., Washington, NC. All outdoor venues must be disclosed and approved BEFORE a reservation is made. Diversion Escape Rooms reserves the right to add, remove, or otherwise modify these terms and conditions at any time. Additional fees may apply. Call for full details 

Rooms: Rooms

"Shiver Me Timbers"

Can you pass the trials set forth by the Pirate Lords and prove that you are worthy?

Theme: Pirate

Game Type: Mobile

+also available in-store with advanced reservation

Objective: Pass their tests, uncover their secrets, and prove your worthiness to claim the booty! 

Storyline:  In search of worthy successors, the legendary chests of the Pirate Lords has once again revealed itself. Your team has been chosen to prove your valor and see if you have what it takes to complete the series of perilous challenges and uncover their secrets. You have 1 hour to pass each and every test before the chests vanish along with your chance at victory.  If you succeed, the honor to be crowned Pirate Lord is yours, as well as the riches! 

Players: 4-10

Time Limit: 60-90 minutes

Appropriate for children? Yes 

Pricing: Varies based on group needs. Call for packages and booking*

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