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Never Say Die

Find ol' One Eyed Willie's Treasure!

Theme: Pirate

Objective: find the legendary treasure!

You and your pirate crew have embarked on a journey to retrieve the treasure of the infamous pirate, One-Eyed Willie. The most recent account of One-Eyed Willie is that he ship wrecked on a deserted island with the treasure in tow. Your crew has information that has led you to the island where ol' One-Eye was stranded, hid the treasure, and most likely perished. Willie's old crew, disgruntled and full of greed, also caught wind about the whereabouts  of the treasure, and are en route to the same location. As you see in the horizon, they are right upon you. Your crew must work quickly to get the booty and escape the island before you are forced to fight for your life!

(2-6 players)



There can only be one YOU

Theme: Break-in

Objective: find your hidden blood samples before you get caught!

What seemed like easy money suddenly becomes a harrowing mistake. Quick cash for a small blood sample sounded simple enough. But what you would learn in the days following was something unimaginable. Your sample will be used in preliminary human cloning experiments with the goal to replace you with a more government-compliant version of yourself. To stop them, you must go the lead doctor's office and retrieve your samples before it is too late!

(2-8 players)

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Date Night Disaster

Can you escape before your abductors return and you face your demise?

Theme: Kidnapping

Objective: retrieve your handcuff keys to escape your captors! 

It is your long-awaited date night. You go to the opera and notice some empty seats that provide for a much better view.  However, you have mistakenly chosen to sit in the ambassador's box. During intermission, you are abducted by several large men in fancy suits, sharp ties and dark shades. They throw bags over your heads, force you into a town car, and knock you out before driving away. You finally come to...handcuffed to your date. You are in serious trouble. You must find the key to the handcuffs before your abductors return in 60 minutes.

(2-4 players)

*this game includes handcuff props on the players to add to the immersion and difficulty of the game